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Florida Violation of Probation - A Parole Overview

If you've been convicted of a crime in Florida and are currently on probation or parole, you need to understand the legalities concerned with such a status and the consequences for a violation of probation/parole. These consequences can be severe, and if you are uncertain as to whether something you've either done, failed to do or are about to do constitute a violation of probation/parole, you need to contact a Tampa Bay criminal defense attorney from Michael D. Fluke, P.A. immediately for a specific explanation of your circumstances and how they relate to the law.

The Nature of Probation and Parole in Florida

Probation and parole in Florida share similarities, but there are also key differences that need to be understood to ensure that you do not risk a violation of probation/parole. Probation is a legal condition whereby a person is free from prison, but is closely supervised by the state and the probation officer to make sure that this person is not violating any laws. Generally speaking, a person must meet regularly with a probation officer to report on his or her life's details and must maintain such things as a residence and a job. Probation can result from a criminal conviction, but it can also be imposed on a convicted defendant upon his or her release from prison for a period of time.

Parole, or Controlled Release as it is called in Florida, is a condition that exists with a person who has been released from prison, and many of the same requirements apply. For a pre-determined period of time after someone's release from prison, he or she must report regularly to a parole officer to report on general progress in regards to re-integrating into society as a productive member.

Consequences of a Violation of Probation or Parole in Florida

The consequences of violating either probation or parole are similar, in that the result of a violation of either condition often results in imprisonment. This consequence can arise in several ways, including the serving of a sentence that was suspended in lieu of probation or serving the remainder of a prison sentence if a person is released on parole.

Generally, probation or parole can be violated in any of several ways, with the most common causes of a violation occurring being the failure to regularly report to a parole or probation officer or the commission of an additional crime while on probation or parole. The requirements to remain in good standing with the department of corrections are almost always individually-tailored, which means that you need to understand every condition of your probation or parole.

If you are facing criminal liability for violation of probation/parole, or you are not sure as to whether certain conduct will constitute a violation, you need to protect your freedom by contacting Michael D. Fluke, P.A. to find out whether or not such conduct will result in a violation. Failure to do so could result in incarceration, so contact a Tampa Bay criminal defense attorney from Michael D. Fluke, P.A. today.

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